How Vita Petite came to be

Stephanie Crandall blog

They say the most successful businesses are started by people who have a personal problem, and work hard to find a solution. Then they realize other people have the same problem, and could benefit from the product or service.

Such is the case with me, and the idea for Vita Petite! At 5'2", I got really frustrated at having pants that were too long, and only seeing petite sections available in old lady styles.

I didn't see myself as "qualified" as I had a fitness background and was a stay at home mom, but the idea wouldn't leave me alone, to actually pursue a really exciting (and rather scary!) new business.

Vita Petite went live just after Thanksgiving of 2018. There was lots of learning, investing, sketching, ordering swatches, over and over again- as is the nature of a small fashion business- but the passion behind the brand is what makes us continue to work and design and curate for all the short ladies who just want cute clothes that fit!

Thanks for your endless support for Vita Petite!


-Stephanie Crandall, 5'2", founder