1. Who is Vita Petite for?

We cater to all short women: from teenagers to grandmas who are 5'4" and below.


2. Will you carry "regular" sizes?

Not anytime soon. We are a specialized niche with a specific audience that has been widely neglected for far too long.


3. Where do you get your fabrics?

This is classified =) Trade secrets can't be disclosed, but we do take into consideration style, easy care, comfort, and cost, to create the best clothing that short women want to wear!


4. Do you source overseas?

Everything that is private label, designed by us, is 100% sourced here in the USA. 


5. Who makes your clothes?

We have a small team of very skilled seamstresses, originally from Peru, who are also petite moms. They create our samples and production runs.


6. Will you make plus sizes?

We don't at this time. We go up to size Large. If there is a need, we will for sure consider increasing size ranges. Requests for special sizing or custom items may also be considered. Just ask!