As a petite fashion company, we've had to create our own sizing chart that would make the most sense to what women are already familiar with.

Normal size from typical boutiques Vita Petite size
00-2  XS
4-6 S
8-10 M
10-12 L


Unlike standard fashion standards, Vita Petite custom designs keep length consistent throughout the sizes. For example, a size XS dress will have the same length as the size L. We do not grade upwards, because we know we are all short and want to maintain appropriate petite lengths.

Designs that are unique only to us are made for an average 5'2" height. We aim to list specific measurements in product descriptions.

Additionally, to see how clothing fits real people, check out our story highlights on our Instagram page @vita_petite.

Curated items that are collected (not designed by us) and shown on petite models on our website are standard boutique sizing. We only curate things that will "work" and flatter shorter figures.

Larger or unique sizing may be considered if there is a demand, or a special custom request submitted to